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Richmond Hill Maps

Earliest known map showing Richmond Hill, 1873

After Albon Man added the Bergen, Robertson and Hendrickson farms to his holdings, the total property of the village was over 400 acres.

Once the farmland had been sectioned off, street construction began. Lefferts Ave. (now Lefferts Blvd.) was the main thoroughfare, and cross streets were laid out from it to Welling Street (now 110th St.).

This map also depicts Forest Park, the Williamsburgh & Jamaica Turnpike (now Metropolitan Ave.), Myrtle Ave., Central Ave. (now 85th Ave.), towards the top of the map shows Crystal Lake which was later drained to build the Kew Gardens LIRR station, and at the bottom of the map is Clarenceville (now 111th St. and Atlantic Richmond Hill).

  • 1609- Map of Long Island Indian Tribes

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  • A Walking Tour Map of Richmond Hill 

  • 1872- Developer’s Map of Richmond Hill

  • Plank Road is now Jamaica Ave. Most streets are now numbered such as Diamond St. is now 98th Street, 
    Park Blvd. is 102nd Street, Wyckoff Ave. is 104th Street, Hoffman Ave. is 107th Street, Greenwood Ave. is 111th Street, Chestnut St. is 112th Street, Elm St. is 114th Street, 
    Oak St. is 115th Street, Briggs Ave. is 117th Street, and Spruce St. is 121st Street, just to name a few.

  • List of Former Street Names

  • 1905 Real Estate Map


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