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Dave Van Ronk

Noteworthy People of Richmond Hill, NY

Dave Van Ronk was an American folk singer and songwriter. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1936 and began his career as a folk musician in the 1950s, performing in the clubs and coffeehouses of Greenwich Village in New York City. He was a prominent figure in the folk music scene of the time, and was known for his finger-picking guitar style and his powerful, emotive singing voice.

Van Ronk attended Richmond Hill High School, but he dropped out of school and began performing professionally at the age of 17. He was heavily influenced by the blues and gospel music, and he was considered one of the most authentic interpreters of traditional folk music of his generation. He was a prolific songwriter, and his original songs often dealt with themes of social justice and political activism.

He was also a mentor to many young musicians, including Bob Dylan, who considered Van Ronk a major influence on his own music. Van Ronk's album "Inside Dave Van Ronk" was released in 1959, and he recorded over 20 albums throughout his career.

He was also known for his witty and anecdotal storytelling and his ability to entertain an audience with humorous and often bawdy tales. He passed away in 2002.

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