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Photographed by Nancy Cataldi ©2000

Filming White Lies on 110th St
Actress Andee Kinzy on 110th Street

Filming White Lies on 110th St
Actress Claire Coyne on 110th Street

Filming White Lies on 110th St
Actress Abra Bigham (Blonde) and Film Crew on 110th Street

White Lies- Independent Short Film
Filmed on Location on 110th Street, 
Richmond Hill, NY- July, 2000

Filming White Lies on 110th St"White Lies" is a 20-minute short dramatic film based on the award-winning 1997 one-act play of the same title by Georgia James, directed by Luisa Pretolani. It is the first film being produced by the Digital Video & Theatre Lab (DVTL) project being created under the auspices of The 78th St. Theatre Lab and CineWomenNY, both New York non-profit organizations.

The DVTL is designed to bridge the gap between live theater and film through the use of (relatively low-cost) digital video (DV) technology. Its mission is to provide a means to allow theater artists to explore DV, to bring their own sensibilities to this flexible new medium, and to transform outstanding stage scripts into low-budget independent film works under the creative direction of their originating artists.

Synopsis: Set on a beautiful summer night in 1962 near SingSing prison in Ossinning, NY, "White Lies" tells the story of two housewives who strike up an odd friendship on the eve of an electric chair execution. Mabel has offered her younger neighbor, Madge, the wife of a death-row inmate, a ride to a spot near the prison, where the two women have been told they will be able to watch the lights dim when the event takes place. While they wait several hours, the two strangers gradually reveal the truth to each other- about the emptiness and brutality of their lives, and about the thousands of small daily lies they, as women, must ted their men to hold them together.

(The story is completely fictional, and not based on any actual events or characters.)

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