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In Memoriam
Nancy Cataldi, former president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society

Read a New York Daily News Article about Nancy Cataldi

In Memoriam - Nancy Cataldi

It is with deep sadness that we need to report the heartbreaking news that we have lost our dearly beloved Nancy Cataldi, President of the Richmond Hill Historical Society.

Nancy passed away in her home in Richmond Hill on October 29th, 2008.
Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

Donations in memory of Nancy may be made to Bobbi and the Stray's.

"Found it on the Web"

With the generous permission from Helmut Frohnwieser of Munich, Germany, I would very much like to share an email correspondence we had regarding one of Richmond Hill's most beloved and legendary restaurants, which was also NYC Queens' oldest and longest-running restaurant (1893-1999), the Triangle Hofbrau.
During our correspondence, he stated that he will be sending some lovely photographs of the Triangle Hofbrau to our Archive Museum that his Uncle had when he worked there, plus these wonderful postcards which I am posting on the website for everyone's enjoyment to see. Click the postcard images for larger views.

Triangle Hofbrau
Click postcard image for larger view

Date: June 6, 2008
Hello Richmond Hill Historical Society,
My grand uncle Henry Frohnwieser immigrated to New York in the 1930s from Germany and later on married Caroline Four from the Triangle Hofbrau owners family. Today I did some research on the internet to see what can be found reagrding Henry and the Triangle Hofbrau and finally I ended up on this site (richmondhillhistory.org). I went through the guest book and was very surprised how many people posted wonderful memories regarding the Triangle.
Although Henry later on was divorced from Caroline and returned to Germany in the 60s, I still remember him talking so proud about his time at the Triangle Hofbrau which was his life. Their 2 daughters, Mary Ann and Lynn, both still live in New York. I also found a touching story here from William H. Poole who did a posting in the guest book in 2002 (http://www.richmondhillhistory.org/comments2002.html) saying that he is looking for information regarding his father who was a chef at the Triangle. I offered my help but unfortunately his email address was not valid any more (William if you read this just email me). I am asking myself why I am posting these lines. Maybe there is still somebody out there who remembers Henry Frohnwieser, the bartender from the Hofbrau, or who remembers Caroline, Mary Ann, and Lynn Four, his former wife and daughters.
If I come to New York again I will visit the area (I know the Hofbrau was sold and probably nothing remembers the old times). This web site is really wonderful. If you have memories regarding the Triangle, Henry or his family please drop me some lines.
Helmut from Munich, Germany

Triangle Hofbrau Postcard
Click postcard image for larger view
Read more about the history of the Triangle Hofbrau Restaurant

New Book Release - Images of America: Maple Grove Cemetery Maple Grove Cemetery
New Historic Book Available
This exciting book on the history of Maple Grove Cemetery contains more than 200 photographs and interesting text that follows the 130 year history of the cemetery to today's current time. This is the second book written by authors Nancy Cataldi and Carl Ballenas for Arcadia's Images Of America series. Their first book, "Images of America: Richmond Hill", was about the history of Richmond Hill.

The book contains four chapters, the first being the "Creation of a Historic Cemetery". The second chapter is titled: "Memorials and Aesthetic Beauty" and showcases some of the lovely monuments and sections of the cemetery. The third chapter, "The Remarkable Dash Between Life and Death", introduces the interesting stories of the people buried there, some well known in the world, and others that have been forgotten. The last chapter is titled: "Today's Community Spirit" and details the resurgence of the cemetery as the heart of the community. Since the cemetery is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this chapter defines the hard work of the cemetery and it's involvement in making a difference in the neighborhood through partnerships with local groups. It is a complete and informative book that shows how historically significant Maple Grove Cemetery is.

Order Information:
Books are available to order through Maple Grove here.

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