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Photo of Triangle Hofbrau at turn-of-the-century
A photograph showing The Triangle Hofbrau at the turn-of-the-century in Richmond Hill. This photo was taken on the corner of Lefferts Blvd. where Jamaica Ave. and Myrtle Ave. meet to form the famed "triangle".
(Photo from the book, "Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs"  by Vincent F. Seyfried)

Church of the Resurrection- First church erected in Richmond Hill
Church of the Resurrection
First church erected in Richmond Hill
Image of Cookbook from 1907
This is a cover of a cookbook from 1907 by the Mary and Martha Society of the Union Congregational Church. These booklets were good money raisers for the church in earlier days and is still used as a means today.
Photo of Richmond Hill Library
This is a photo of The Richmond Hill Library located on the corner of Hillside Ave and Lefferts Blvd. The Building was helped built by Andrew Carnegie.

Part of Mural- History of Richmond Hill
This is part of the 160 foot mural, "The History of Richmond Hill," which was commissioned by the WPA's Federal Art Project and completed in 1936. It was painted by Philip Evergood.

The Richmond Hill Library has celebrated it's 100th Anniversay during April 10-16, 1999

Postcard circa 1913- Richmond Hill Republican Club
Postcard circa 1913- Richmond Hill Republican Club
Above is a front and back image of a Richmond Hill Republican Club and Post Office Postcard circa 1913 
(courtesy of the Carl Ballenas Collection)

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  • 1864 The Triangle Hofbrau- This restaurant was at one time the oldest running restaurant in Queens (1893-1999). The building originally housed the Post Office and was also a hotel named Doyle's Hotel. The first eatery opened its doors in 1893 under the name Wheelman's Restaurant. It was later named The Triangle Hofbrau and was said to have been the favorite eating spot of such celebrities as Babe Ruth, Mae West, Lefty Gomez, Robert Wagner Sr., Earl Sande and Ernest Ball. Recently the Hofbrau had changed owners and was called Little Europe Restaurant, reflecting the change to a recent Russian immigration influx to Richmond Hill. Unfortunately, the restaurant falling under hard times sold the property to a medical facilty which promises not to alter the building structure.
  • 1867 The Steel House- This mansion once owned by Daniel Eldridge of the notorious Tweed Ring, is still located at 87-61 111th St.
  • 1868 St. Benedict Joseph Labre Church- Originally located in Morris Park, The Parish of St. Benedict Joseph Labre began and continued its growing congregation within early Richmond Hill's founding.
  • 1874 Church of the Resurrection- This Protestant Episcopal Church was the first church erected in Richmond Hill which is still located at same location on 118th Street between Hillside and 85th Aves.
  • 1875 Maple Grove Cemetery- This cemetery is still located at the same location and has a pivotal role in the development of this community.
  • 1887 Simonson's Funeral Home- Established by William Simonson, located now on the corner of Hillside Ave. and Lefferts Blvd and is currently managed by the fourth generation of Simonsons.
  • 1888 Richmond Hill Club- This structure no longer exists today but it was also the first school house built in Richmond Hill, Public School #8.
  • 1894 Forest Park- One of the finest parks in Greater NY opened and is still thriving today. Filled with 536 beautiful acres of natural woodlands, splendid panoramic views to the south (Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach), to the south west (Bklyn/NYC), to the south east (Long Island) and at one time even Long Island Sound to the north was visible. This area of Forest Park is said to be one of, if not the highest elevated points in Long Island. Forest Park not only offers it's natural beauty to the residents of Richmond Hill but this park extends further to Woodhaven, Glendale, Forest Hills and Brooklyn. The many attractions inside the park are a rare treat in the midst of NYC, such as horseback riding on trails inside the park provided by Dixie Dew Stables. Near Woodhaven is The Seuffert Band Shell which hosts many outdoor musical concerts and fairs sponsored by NYC Parks Dept., The Carousel with musical horse ride for children, golf course, tennis courts, a picnic area, and a large ball and track field. There's also a greenhouse and nursery. The roads in the park are closed to all vehicles which gives freedom for a simple stroll, or jogging, biking or even rollerblading through the park.
  • 1894 Fluhrs Flower Shop- This shop is now owned by the Bangert's family since 1927 and is still located on 117th Street and Myrtle Ave.
  • 1897 Jamaica Avenue- The Brooklyn and Jamaica Turnpike officially changes name
  • 1899 Richmond Hill High School- Sadly the original school with dome was demolished around 1928 but the new school still stands at the same location.
  • 1899 Richmond Hill Library- Founded by the Twentieth Century Club. This Club served the Richmond Hill community for 100 years and discontinued in 2000. Many of the archives collected over the years by the Twentieth Century Club were donated to the Richmond Hill Historical Society and are in the permanent Archive.
  • 1902 Union Congregation Church- Still located between 115th and 114th streets and 86th Ave. Recently in 1997 the beautiful interior of the Church was selected by Paramount Pictures for filming some scenes for the popular comedy film "In and Out", starring Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck.
  • 1903 St. John's Lutheran Churh- Founding of English Lutheran Church in Richmond Hill which is still active and located at same location.
  • 1908 The Richmond Hill Republican Club- Still located across from The Richmond Hill Library on Lefferts Blvd. between Hillside and Jamaica Avenues.
  • 1910 Holy Child Jesus Church- This was the first Roman Catholic Church built in Richmond Hill and in 1916 the adjoining school was built.
  • 1910 Columbia Fire Department- The original building is still standing at same location at 86-38 122nd Street and very neglected.
  • 1918 The Buddy Monument- This monument was erected after WWI by the people of Richmond Hill to demonstrate their appreciation for the men who fought and died for their country. The Buddy Monument is a beautiful sculpture of a weary WWI soldier which still stands at the foot of Forest Park on the corner of Park Lane South and Myrtle Ave. Many ceremonies and parades are still held at this site on Memorial Day and other local events.
  • 1920's RKO Keith's Theatre- This theatre no longer shows films, but is still located at same location and is used for bingo and a flea market.
  • 1930's Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor- This popular restaurant spot for dinner and ice cream operated from the 1930's up until 2008. The unique 1890's era interior including a working nickelodeon piano made this a truly historical treat for the eyes as well as the stomach.
  • 1936 Gebhard's Bakery- The Gebhard family operated the bakery up until the late 1990's. The bakery has new owners and is still located on Jamaica Ave.& 111th St.
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