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Photo of Staircase1
Photo of Staircase2
Sometimes the homes have just one main staircase, but frequently there are two with the smaller staircase leading up from the kitchen area.
About Queen Anne Victorian Homes-Staircases 

This information has been supplied by the Publication "Victorian Richmond Hill", Published by The Richmond Hill Chapter of The Queens Historical Society ©1980 and made possible in part by grants from The Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City, The Richmond Hill Savings Bank, The Columbia Savings and Loan Association, and the Consolidated Edison Company of New York. 

The hallmark of the Queen Anne interior is an oversized entry hall, signaling the supposed affluence of the owner. The entry foyers in the Richmond Hill Victorians are large and varied with massive oak staircases and attractively turned newels and balustrades. 
Many are trimmed with wainscotting. The main staircase frequently travels upward through the interior of an oriel, an architectural projection that begins on the upper story of a house. An oriel can extend either one or two stories; we have both types in Richmond Hill. Usually, leaded glass windows are used at some level of the staircase. These windows are made of colored glass of different shapes and sizes held together by lead to form a design. The straight lines of glass in the design are easier to produce than the curved design which recquires more skill. Bright colors of glass have produced spectacular results in Richmond Hill homes when the sun streams through these windows. The results are dazzling.