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About Queen Anne Victorian Homes-Front Porches 

This information has been supplied by the Publication "Victorian Richmond Hill", Published by The Richmond Hill Chapter of The Queens Historical Society ©1980 and made possible in part by grants from The Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City, The Richmond Hill Savings Bank, The Columbia Savings and Loan Association, and the Consolidated Edison Company of New York. 

Intrinsic to Richmond Hill's Victorian homes is the front porch, that masterful architectural creation ever present along Richmond Hill streets. Some porches in Richmond Hill have porch cocheres where passengers from carriages at the turn of the century could alight directly to or from the porch. Porch ceilings are usually wainscotted and in some cases a converted gas fixture remains. Porches vary in size and shape, but it's hard to find one in Richmond Hill that doesn't catch a cool breeze somewhere on a hot summer's day.  

These porches enabled photographer Blaise Tobia, to present a special portrait of front porches. Notice the variety of columns, shapes and the intricacy of railings.