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Photo of Morton Gould
(photo of Morton Gould)

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    About Morton Gould- 
    Local and World Musician/Composer
    Born- Richmond Hill, NY  December 10, 1913
    Died- Orlando, FL  February 21, 1996

  • 1995- Pulitzer Prize Recipient for Music
  • 1994- Kennedy Center Honor
  • 1966- Grammy Award

  • Richmond Hill, NY is very fortunate indeed to say that Morton Gould was born and raised in this community. 
    Morton Gould grew up on Hillside Avenue and 124th Street and attended school at PS 54 which is located on 126th Street and Hillside Avenue, where he would perform and play his original composition on the occasion of his graduation class- the beginning of a long and fruitful career!
    A child prodigy, he composed and published his first work, "Just Six", at the age of six.
    Violet Fiero who grew up with the young Morton Gould, who lived across the street from her home recalled, "We were in PS 54 together, and one day we were to be honored by being invited to the Assembly Room to listen to him play a thirteen-page concerto that he had just composed. Everyone just marvelled at what he had done."
    After graduating, Morton went on to study at the Institute of Musical Art (now the Juilliard School). 
    A versatile composer, he had written in many genres, including Broadway musicals, as well as composing for Radio, Television and Film. Morton also wrote three symphonies, and was president of ASCAP from 1986-94.