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 Image of Wooden Carousel Horses
The Carousel's Exquisite Carvings
Rare American Art Form
About The Forest Park Carousel 
Located- Queens, NY, Woodhaven Blvd. & Myrtle Ave.
The Forest Park Carousel, Queens, NY, is one of the rarest of all American Wooden Carousels as it is the creation of the premiere carver, Daniel C. Muller, and rarer still as one of only two remaining, operating, intact works of the D.C. Muller & Bro. Company which, in its short life, produced a total of only 12 carousels. The 54 horses, menagerie animals and chariots which ride aboard the carousel are not only exquisite carvings, but invaluable as examples of a uniquely American Art Form. The American wooden carousel forms a significant part of the National Artistic Heritage which every American shares. Since 1903 this grand spectacle has survived through many hardships and in spite of being closed and ignored for almost five years, The Forest Park Carousel has survived! Many thanks to a major restoration by the Friends of The Forest Park Carousel who with their efforts have brought back to life this wonderful American treasure. They have also created a provision of protection from future threats of fire, vandalism or 'break-up' by auctioneers. 
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