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Richmond Hill Archive Survey Form

The Richmond Hill Historical Society is building an Archive for the community and is inviting all to share their contributions to this Archive by completing the form below.

The work of our community's businesses, organizations, churches and schools should be included in the Archive as well as the contributions of our past and present residents; our cultural and ethnic groups; and our architectural heritage; which are all an important part of the history of New York.

However, our story is untold and unappreciated. The Richmond Hill Historical Society is looking for records that document the history of the Richmond Hill area. Maybe your business records or family papers will be an important part of our story.

How can you help?
Family papers - diaries - letters - photographs - postcards - posters - mementoes - business or club records - minutes - home movies or video tapes - advertisements - scrapbooks
These and other types of records are clues to our past. If you have any old documents, contact the Richmond Hill Historical Society by using this form.

Please Fill Out the Following Archive Form:

Mail/Zip Code:
Telephone (include Area Codes)

Select type of records:

How did you learn of the Richmond Hill Historical Society?

Describe the type of material, earliest dates, etc.:

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