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Rare image of 1925 Grebe Radio Ad
A rare image from The Elks Magazine of October 1925 featuring the upcoming World Series
All images courtesy David P. Whistler
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Learn more about the Synchrophase
at- www.synchrophase.com

Rare images of Grebe's RadioSelect here for another rare image of Grebe's Radio Advertisements
Select here for larger image of the Synchrophase MU-1 built in 1926 courtesy of David P. Whistler. 
"This photo is of my own set, this is an MU-1 from late 1926, and was in my opinion the pinnacle of the Synchrophase. This set is completely original, with original dark mahogany finish and in the finest working condition. This says a great deal about Grebe's quality, as this set has had NO replacement parts since it was made." -David P. Whistler