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The Mystery of John Adams and Richmond Hill
Revealing Article Explains The Connection

Portrait of John Adams In the past, there had been numerous inquiries by visitors to our website regarding if John Adams ever lived in Richmond Hill. Afterall, there is a John Adams HS., (however the H.S. was named this because of a project at the time where high schools were named after U.S. Presidents such as Thomas Jefferson H.S., etc.) and also when people research John Adams it does mention that he lived in Richmond Hill, NY but with no other details. It was quite baffling because our Richmond Hill in Queens, NY was formed in 1869 and John Adams lived from 1735 - 1826, and to add to the confusion, when Richmond Hill was established in 1869 it was Richmond Hill, Long Island (L.I.) not NY.
My own conclusion was there must have been a section or district back in Colonial times in NYC when there might have been an area known as Richmond Hill but I could never locate any such place during that time.
Well thanks to an interesting article that I located, by J. Owen Grundy which originally appeared in The Villager on September 13, 1945, I believe the Mystery is solved.
It turns out that Richmond Hill was the name of a Palatial Mansion that was located in what is now the West Village in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.
This Mansion is totally intertwined with our Country's earliest history when George Washington became our First President.
This mansion "Richmond Hill" was once the headquarters of General Washington, later the official residence of Vice President John Adams and his lady during the short period of the first administration, when the national capital was New York, and later the country home of Col. Aaron Burr.
To read all the fascinating facts please read the entire article part 1 and part 2 at- http://www.getny.com/grundyrichmondhill.shtml

The Early Settlers of Long Island, NY
Historic News in Richmond Hill, NY

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