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Photo of Triangle Hofbrau at turn-of-the-century
(Photo above from the book, "Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs"  by Vincent F. Seyfried)
The Triangle Hofbrau was also a hotel named Doyle's Hotel which still can be seen in the photograph.
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Photo of Triangle Hofbrau in late 1800's

(All photos courtesy of the Carl Ballenas Collection)

1864 The Triangle Hofbrau- This restaurant was at one time the oldest running restaurant in Queens (1893-1999). This building originally housed the Post Office and was also a hotel named Doyle's Hotel. The first eatery opened its doors in 1893 under the name Wheelman's Restaurant. It was later named The Triangle Hofbrau and was said to have been the favorite eating spot of such celebrities as Babe Ruth, Mae West, Lefty Gomez, Robert Wagner Sr., Earl Sande and Ernest Ball. Recently the Hofbrau had changed owners and was called Little Europe Restaurant, reflecting the change to a recent Russian immigration influx to Richmond Hill. Unfortunately, the restaurant falling under hard times sold the property to a medical facilty which promises not to alter the building structure.

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