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The Richmond Hill Archive
Elizabeth Man
Elizabeth Man

Ernest Ball
Ernest R. Ball

Alfred Grebe
Alfred H. Grebe

Ms. Deehan
Ms. Deehan

The Richmond Hill Historical Society has had many dreams for this community and one of them was realized on October 5th, 2002 when The Richmond Hill Archival Museum Dedication was officiated.

Here is displayed a collection of historic photographs, documents and artifacts of the people of this special village.

Through donations and loans from families and members, we have collected "The History of Richmond Hill." These items may otherwise have been lost and never shared with others. Our intent is to display and educate future generations of the importance of our heritage. We intend to continue to add to this collection and hope for further funding. 

Nancy Cataldi
Richmond Hill Historical Society


To the undying loyalty of Carl Ballenas for his priceless knowledge and contributions made in the name of the "Lucy Ballenas Collection".

We would also like to thank Councilman Dennis Gallagher for his help in funding and his devotion to help The Richmond Hill Historical Society's quest for historical preservation.

To all those who have made contributions of photos and artifacts and volunteered their time and support we offer our profound appreciation and gratitude.

Donations are gladly accepted in any form, be it a photo, letter, menu, yearbook, or your financial support. Visit our ArchiveForm for sending contributuions.

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